Helping Healthcare Practices Grow

Running a medical practice takes patience and working capital. Whether you work as a veterinary, family doctor or dentist, Ikon Commercial Capital is here to provide fast and easy healthcare financing. We strive to offer financial solutions tailored for healthcare practices like yours. Here is what we offer.

Some Financing Terms

One of the ways to work to provide financing on your terms is by requiring no upfront payments. Loans through Ikon Commercial Capital are also not reported to the personal credit bureau, meaning your credit score doesn’t take a hit. With terms up to 72 months, you have the time you need to repay the loan and use the money for any of your practice needs.

Debt Consolidation

One way to use healthcare financing is debt consolidation. If you send multiple monthly payments to different lenders, we can cut that down to one payment and might even be able to reduce your interest rate.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Most medical practices use expensive equipment for diagnostics and treatment. With help from Ikon Commercial Capital, qualifying practices can get up to 50% of their soft costs covered. We offer this working capital whether you need a lease or a loan.

Find Out More Now

Contact our office to find out all the ways we can help grow your practice with healthcare financing. Whatever your care center needs, we have the funding to help you get it.