Add Benefits Through Consumer Financing

Ikon Commercial Capital strives to meet all of your business’s financing needs. That’s why we also provide consumer financing to help all businesses, from the large to the small, so they can offer credit card programs that are successful. These programs benefit the business by establishing customer loyalty, assisting with brand awareness and increasing repeat business and the overall customer base.

Customer Benefits

Consumer financing options will fit with any industry. Ikon Commercial Capital offers programs that allow for convenient money management and stability in the form of a branded credit card. Additional customer benefits include:

  • Easy and quick application process
  • Convenience to make payments over time
  • Revolving access to credit
  • Dependable and secure services
  • Online account management

Business Benefits

The biggest benefits of consumer financing programs are found in the way it affects your business. Your brand will be able to offer quick credit decisions with a strong approval ratio and appropriate credit limits. In addition, we provide stellar customer support, fast program setup, E-Signature and bad debt collection. On-the-spot credit decisions will mean that you will make sales you might have lost out on before implementing this program.

You owe it to yourself and to your customer to explore the opportunities that consumer finance opens up. Call us today to learn more about our great programs.