Keep Access to Capital With Equipment Leasing and Financing

No matter what your business might be, Ikon Commercial Capital has a solution to help you obtain the equipment that you need. Whether you need heavy equipment or computers or anything in between, many applications are approved within 24 hours with up to three to five days for middle market and high-ticket items. Competitive interest rates and terms up to 84 months mean you don’t have to wait to get the equipment you need right now.

Financing Features

  • Little or no down payment
  • Varied payment terms
  • Amounts up to $150,000 do not require a financial statement
  • Amounts up to $500,000 for middle market loans
  • Larger amounts available for high-ticket items

Programs Available

Sale & Lease Back Programs. Use the equity in your current equipment as working capital with a sale or lease-back option. Ikon Commercial Capital purchases the equipment you need to operate your business and leases it back to you for the term of the lease. Ownership is transferred to you once all the payments are made.

Startup Programs. New ventures often take a little time to reach the level where they can purchase equipment outright. For those two-years-old or less, financing the equipment is usually the best way to go.

B, C and D Credit Programs. We understand that sometimes things happen outside of your control, but you still need the right equipment to run your business. These programs work specifically with those with less-than-optimal credit so they can receive the financing they need.

Municipal and Government Leasing Programs. Guaranteed-approved lease financing is available to municipal and government entities through these programs. This option is ideal for federal government agencies, armed forces, police departments, firehouses, school districts and more.

Benefits of Leasing

By choosing an equipment leasing option, you can keep capital free for daily operations. Leasing options further benefit your business by helping you to:

  • Ensure equipment is never obsolete
  • Budget better with low, fixed monthly payments
  • Keep current credit lines intact
  • Obtain additional tax and accounting advantages

Contact one of our professionals today to learn how equipment financing and leasing can help your business to grow.