The Power of Writing Down Sales Goals for Achieving Success

No matter where you are in business ownership, having concrete and achievable business goals can help you get to the next step. These goals can take on different aspects including a new location, getting out of debt or even a new product line, if you write them down. Recent studies have looked at the impact of writing down your goals, as opposed to just thinking about them, and have shown that you are more likely to accomplish them when they are written down. Not only does recording your goals on paper help unify your brain around your goal, it can help you refine and perfect your goals as you work through them.

Unify Your Brain Around Your Goal

By writing down your business goals, you are helping the creative parts of your brain—which create the goals—work with your analytical parts of your brain to plan them out. Having all your brain power working towards the same things can help you streamline and refine your goals to best fit your current situation while still working towards future goals. You can also unify your team by writing them down during a brainstorming session to get everyone on the same page. Having written down goals can also serve as a visual reminder of what you want and how to get it.

Refine Your Goals

Many times, when you write something down you will be thinking more critically about it. This helps you determine which specifics in your goals are not realistic, which ones are too vague and which ones need the most work. Refining your goals can help you better apply the metrics of your company to the progress of those goals. For instance, if your goal is to increase profits, by writing that down you can find ways to refine that goal into concrete steps you can take such as reducing waste and increasing foot traffic. You can find online resources to help you make better and more specific goals for yourself and your company.

Business goals, especially when written down, can keep you in business and help you expand your company. This means having concrete goals that you can write down and refine before you start working towards them. Studies into goal making and how the brain works have shown that writing down goals can help you keep them because it unifies the various parts of the brain and gives you a visual reminder of what you are working towards.


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